A sweet relationship built on trust and quality!

We are more than a confectionery manufacturer.
We craft personalized and sweet experiences for you to cherish and hold on to.

The Journey towards a sweet outcome

Amber Nutrition was started in 1993 by Mr. Rajesh Dhingra with a small space and grand ambitions. Initially, the space for Amber Nutrition was just 2500 square feet which ensured a production capacity of 500kgs of confectionery products in a day.

Our ambitions grew, so did the dedication and efforts to create a confectionery brand that is as rich in quality as it is easy on the pocket. So like every story built on hard work and perseverance, this also had a sweet outcome in the name of Amber Nutrition!

Sweet Tooth, hard work & other important details

While the years passed, we focused on increasing our production capacity and using the best machinery available. With consistent efforts in the right direction, we became one of the leading manufacturers of Confectionery with products like Deposited Candy, Centre Filled Candy, Toffee, Bubble Gum, Lollipops, Chocolate Filled Cups, Tamarind Cups, Jelly Cups and many more in the country.

Our idea of delivering quality confectionery products resonates with our distributors and customers alike, as our candies are not only super yummy and rich in quality, but also offer value for money like no other!

Favorite Feather in the cap!

We were instrumental in revolutionizing the confectionery market in India, by being the
first to introduce deposited candy production
lines in the unorganized sector!

Let’s talk Numbers

With our constant focus on doing better and with our hard work, we now operate at a daily volume of 80,000kg/day.

Sky is the limit!

We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon as well, as we are planning on expanding this capacity to 150% by the end of the year 2021.

We are open

Mon ~ Fri

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10 am – 7 pm